Reinsurance (1.17 minute)  Overview of purpose and uses of reinsurance coverages.

Making a Sale (2.16 minutes)  Explains written premium, unearned premium, earned premium, acquisition costs, and GAAP versus STAT accounting.

Decision Cards (3.09 minutes)  Covers decision process, cost benefit analysis, execution, and the power of questions.

Financial Statements /  Score Sheets (1.13 minute) Introduces the basic financial statements and supporting schedules used in the workshop.

Profit & Cash Workshop - The Insurance Game

Video Highlights

Reporting to the “Board of Directors” (1.23 minute) Shows the team reporting its results to the other teams (the “Board of Directors").

Balance Sheet (1.24 minute)  Illustrates completion of the Balance Sheet.

Income Statement (2.03 minutes)  Illustrates completion of the Income Statement and how it differs from a Balance Sheet.

Game Board (0.54 minute) Explains basics of the workshop.


Goals / Team Outcomes (1.47 minute)  Shows team assessing how they did against the workshop goals.

GAAP vs STAT  (0.54 minute)  Describes the differences between GAAP and STAT accounting.

Pre-Class Assessment – Gauging Participant Knowledge (0.50 minute) Allows facilitators to adjust the learning based on the pre-class knowledge of the attendees.