You need it when individual contributors are in, or preparing to move to, a leadership role and need to develop and/or improve their leadership mindset and skills.

You get a workshop where individuals learn to better lead themselves and make the most effective transition to leadership. Participants work with an experienced team to address specific leadership skill needs, as defined by the workshop attendees.

So that individual contributors make the best possible transition to a leadership role by recognizing the characteristics and skills which helped them succeed in an individual contributor role can significantly hinder their chances for success as a leader. 

A 15 minute sampler of the virtual presentation.

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BASIC Presentations

Virtual BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies Keynote Sampler

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BASIC Leadership Literacy Workshop 

How To Reduce Stress Podcast

Presentation Topics

Paul shares some of the “BASIC” strategies for success in managing our everyday business and personal relationships.  Paul’s approach is to share some fundamental concepts, in an entertaining fashion, while allowing each of us to re-think and re-discover better ways to manage and deal with today’s fast paced environment.

Format can range from 20 to 60 minutes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner speaker or as a keynote address.


BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies Keynote 

This one-day workshop is targeted to individual contributors (accountants, actuaries, claims reps, underwriters, programmers, engineers, human resource specialists, etc.) presently in, or moving to, a leadership role.

It consists of three parts; 

  1. Leading yourself. 
  2. Making the transition to a leadership role.
  3. Discussing leadership skills based on specific attendee needs.

You need it when participants feel the personal and professional relationships that matter most are not as fulfilling as they could be.

You get an entertaining, interactive, and engaging presentation that offers practical wisdom and knowledge on self-improvement and leadership summarized in a concise, memorable, and actionable format.

So that participants get along better with the important people in their life allowing them to become more effective in all the roles they play.