Paul was the best session of the conference!
​Very good presenter...his humor was a great way to get his points across.
I really enjoyed this speaker. He was very engaging and the content and stories he told were very interesting. I appreciated the subject matter as relationships are very important to business and people often forget that.
Paul was fantastic!  I could have listened to him a lot longer.
Paul was wonderful.  He ended up filling in for one presenter who didn't show so it was great we got him for extra time.  I could have listened to him all day.
Paul was an excellent presenter and his content was relevant and very interesting.  Great choice for presenter!
This session was fantastic-great presentation and material we can all apply both professionally and personally!
Paul did an excellent job, and I really enjoyed his presentation.  I hope I get to hear him again sometime.
Paul was awesome - great presentation and great presentation skills! 
Really liked this speaker and the material he covered.
One of the best presentations I have been to in a long time.  Thanks!
Very insightful and information that can be used every day.
Enjoyed Paul's wisdom and insights.
Great presentation.  Really held my attention.
I enjoyed this speaker...common sense stuff but good to be reminded!
Great pick.  Great speaker.
I really enjoyed this presentation.
Paul is a very good speaker and does a great job on presenting ideas in a way that you can relate to them.
Very nice job!
Enjoyed his presentation. Motivational.
​​​Great presentation.
Entertaining speaker!
​Paul did a nice job in stepping in and picking up the missing speaker’s spot.   I did like his presentation, made me stop and think about a few things.
Very entertaining.
Excellent speaker and message!
Fun session to break up the day.
I like that these meetings can take a break from industry information and shift gears to help us focus on ourselves.  This was very helpful to shine some more light on topics we have heard in the past but adding new ways to look at them.

Great job!
Very funny and useful!
Really enjoyed this session.
Paul was a very good speaker with many important learning points.
This was a great session, I really enjoyed listening to Paul!
Great job of engaging the audience.  As he said, nothing entirely new but still worthwhile.
​Entertaining presentation.  Good common sense reminders.
Loved Paul's enthusiasm and authenticity.  
A very interesting man who is able to keep the audience focused.​



“Paul has a unique trait of being able to educate in a way that makes you want more.  His BASIC presentation at our company has generated more employee requests for a repeat than any other presentation.  We’ll be seeing more about BASIC, you should too.” – Arlen L. Briggs, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer, Armed Forces Insurance

“I had no doubt you would be excellent on the subject, but I was not prepared for your enthusiasm and energy.  You had us all laughing, nodding, and participating all of the way through.” – James Landrum, Executive Director, Harry S. Truman Neurological Center for Children (TNC Community)

“Paul takes what others speak about and presents it in ways everyone can understand.” – Dick Brooks, Owner, Sandler Training

“After listening to Paul’s presentation, I not only bought a copy of his book for myself, but also bought copies for my two young adult children so that they could benefit from Paul’s insights.” – Scott Forland, Chief Operating Officer & Corporate Secretary, MutualAid eXchange (MAX) Insurance Companies

“Entertaining and good ideas – is there a better combination?  Paul is an accomplished speaker with a great topic and great stories.  The thought provoking manner in which he presents his ideas will have you reflecting on your life and career.” – Dale Hotze, Managing Director, AFM International

“Paul shares life lessons in a very engaging, relatable, and informative way.  As a young professional with new leadership responsibilities, I welcome any solid advice I can get to help build my career.  I immediately recognized that Paul’s words of wisdom could be applied to improve my relationships both at work and at home.  I recommend this presentation to anyone looking to improve their communication and relationship skills.” – Angie Patrick, North Carolina Implementation Lead, Maximum Processing

“Paul Heacock presented a session titled “BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies to a group of 30 employees.  Our employees, to a person, raved about the session and encouraged us to offer it to other employees.  The BASIC session was insightful, thoughtful, and presented by Paul using his colorful, common sense approach.  His strategies apply to literally all phases of life and are easy to apply.  We will be having additional BASIC sessions at Armed Forces Insurance to impart Paul’s wisdom.” – Kurt Seelbach, President and CEO