Like you, Relationship and Leadership Strategies expert, Paul Heacock has used many different methods to get along better with the important people in his life. He has studied and applied powerful relationship and leadership strategies in the real world. 

What role do our choices have in our relationships? Why do people behave the way they do?  What causes stress?  What issues does today’s constant pace of change cause? Why are younger people beginning to have more difficulty with live in-person (no device) relationships? How can we communicate better?  What does it take to be the most effective leader you can be? 

Unlike many authors/speakers, Paul’s book and related presentations answer these and other provocative questions about our human condition in a simple, concise, and very practical way based on over 50 years of personal and business relationships and leadership experience.  Paul offers a BASIC mnemonic that helps you remember and apply some commonsense relationship and leadership strategies.  Paul’s strategies have evolved from an extensive background in the insurance and training industries.

​In 1979, Paul moved to Kansas City to join the initial management team of the Frankona America Companies, the American start-up operation of a German Life Reinsurance and Property and Casualty Reinsurance carrier.  During the next 13 years, Paul served as the senior financial, administration and technology officer, the corporate secretary, and as a member of the Board of Directors.  He was directly responsible for the design, construction, and ongoing strategic development of all financial, administrative, and information technology systems and processes.

Paul has earned several insurance-related professional designations including Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI), Associate in Reinsurance (ARe), Associate Insurance Accounting and Finance (AIAF), and Associate, Customer Service (ACS).

In 1992 Paul founded Human Dynamics - an Overland Park KS consulting company eventually employing 25 staff members. He led the e-Learning and performance consulting practice specializing in designing and building just-in-time knowledge delivery and performance support systems.

Paul sold Human Dynamics in 2008 and became the Chief Information Officer for MutualAid eXchange, a faith-based Property and Casualty insurer based in Overland Park KS, until “retiring” on December 31, 2013.

In December 2015 Paul accepted the position of interim President and CEO of 4Sight Business Intelligence, a technology company offering an enterprise level business intelligence and data analytics solution for Property and Casualty insurance companies.  Paul “retired” once again on November 30, 2018,

Paul has been actively involved in the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association (IASA) since 1973.  In 1980 he was elected IASA’s International President – the youngest person to hold this position.  Paul was a contributing author and co-editor of IASA’s original Life Insurance Accounting textbooks.  

Paul also is one of the original designers of Profit and Cash© – The Insurance Game. This is a one-day workshop that helps insurance company board members, employees, producers and/or suppliers improve their business and financial literacy by better understanding how insurance companies operate, make money, and how each stakeholder can directly impact the company's results.  For more information on Profit and Cash - The Insurance Game go to

Paul is currently a board member of Armed Forces Insurance Company, Cameron Mutual Insurance Company, and the Harry S. Truman Neurological Center for Children.  He recently completed a fifteen-year term as a board member of the Missouri Insurance Education Foundation.

In “retirement”, Paul authored his first book entitled “BASIC Relationship and Leadership Strategies – Commonsense Ideas on How to Get Along Better with the Important People in Your Life”.  

Paul is currently doing presentations on the BASIC Relationship and Leadership strategies as well as facilitating the Profit and Cash game. More information on these presentations is available at:

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